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Take5 is an audio-visual production agency domiciled in the Ugandan capital, Kampala. The company was set up to meet the growing demand for professional production services. Our core business is premised on content production for international channels, program development for national broadcast, Sports production, documentaries and production of corporate videos. We also do consultancies and trainings in media skills for both media houses and corporate communications teams. Our expertise is drawn from vast experience, backed by prior professional training in the broadcast industry.
Take5 was co-founded by Ugandan journalists Justin Dralaze and Joshua Mmali, who set out to put quality first. Justin, who was trained in the Netherlands, has immense experience in news and feature production, having worked with Thomson Reuters covering Africa for years. Joshua Mmali, now a News Producer at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, is a former bureau manager/correspondent for the BBC World Service, where he worked for six years. Take5 Productions has incorporated experienced journalists with vast experience in News and Features Production. We have assembled a versatile team of video journalists who have all undergone rigorous training and are able to produce cutting edge products to the satisfaction of our clients.

Meet Our Team

We have assembled a versatile team of Video journalists who have all undergone rigorous training and are able to produce cutting edge products to the satisfaction of our clients.


Director of Operations

Creative Head of the company who is the brain behind all our products



A genius skilled in solving complex problems in a simple way

News Coverage
Sports Production
We do live streaming from strategic positions around Kampala and other places in Africa where we have established our presence, delivering content on key news events. We also produce top quality documentaries, together with live shot positioning and crew fixing for international correspondents.


    We have kept pace with the rapidly changing production technologies to meet, not only the minimum expectations of our clients, but to serve products that will stand the taste of time.
    Right now all our productions are HD (High Definition) and we are exploring UHD (Ultra high Definition), again to meet market requirements.


    Our archives contain a rich collection of historical events, as well as valuable visual content of recent developments shaping the Great Lakes Region.


    Take5 Productions’ main focus has been production of independent news and analyses about events of regional and international importance. Our editorial policy is determined by the need to meet international standards as required by the  media houses that we serve on demand.

Our Work

We have produced documentaries for The World Bank, UNICEF, and trained producers and cameramen for Gotel communications, which is setting up a pan African TV channel in Abuja Nigeria. We have also regularly done news production for CCTV, in addition to providing live coverage of sports and other events.

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